Why ProTrafficFunnel

You earn credits by using cloaked ProTrafficFunnel links for your
advertising needs. Anywhere you use an URL to advertise, change it to a
ProTrafficFunnel link and advertise the ProTrafficFunnel link to earn
credits every time it is shown.

The amount of credits earned depends on your membership level – just like in a
traffic exchange.

The ProTrafficFunnel links are also targeted to specific groups so they
will work with your ProTrafficFunnel ads which we will talk about now.

The Beauty of ProTrafficFunnel

You earn credits for using your ProTrafficFunnel links in order to have
credits to spend on getting your ProTrafficFunnel ads shown.
Ads are also specifically target to a specific group(s).

Anytime someone uses a ProTrafficFunnel link to show a page, an ad
targeted to the same group is also shown as a bottom-side slider ad. It
is shown for 8 seconds to give the viewer time to click on it for further

So your ads reaches a far-greater audience than you could
reach on your own because the link does not have to be your own link.

Every ProTrafficFunnel link shown somewhere always generates a
ProTrafficFunnel slider ad to be shown.

The slider ads are shown in rotation just like URLS are shown in a traffic
exchange yet they are targeted to a specific audience.

So the more ProTrafficFunnel links and ads you generate, the more your
advertising reaches a much wider audience without you having to advertise
yourself in all those places.

Therein lies the beauty and reach of your ProTrafficFunnel ads!

It is time for you to discover what ProTrafficFunnel can do for you

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